Don’t Interrupt, Rude.

This is just a short check in with my peeps.

How y’all doin’?

Ok, done with my southern side.  Besides the mysterious pain in my foot that has me out of dance for the week, I have discovered a habit by patrons of the library.  If they want to check out a book, some just walk up with their library card thing and a book and put them down on the desk without saying a word.  I would appreciate something, just in case you don’t want to check out this book and I end up charging you something you didn’t want in the first place.  Learn how to use your words,  you’re in college for Pete’s sake! (Or older, sometimes…)

Also, 10 points to anyone who knows what video I’m referencing in the title.

Time to be an ice cube.


The Wonderful Land of Sweets

Hello All,

And by all, I mean the few people who still care since I have only made two posts this semester.  I am truly sorry and regretful that nothing has been too interesting to post, but I do care about all of you and hope that I do not fade into the background of the internet.

My personal life will once again be on display because those are the biggest changes here.  Although I haven’t had any dates since my singlehood (gasp), I am finding happiness in my life.  I went to a play last night instead of going on a date and it was a good decision.  It was an interactive play which just means we didn’t have permanent seating which means I sat on the floor a lot.  One of my good friends was in it and he was amazing! And cute.  It also made me think about my ancestry and their involvement in war.  It caused me to still at this time have the line “War! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing! Sing it again now!” run over and over again in my head.

The reason for this post is to notify you on my recent decision to participate in Lent, actually I do that every year.  I am not Catholic at all, but I find it a good test of my strength.  This year is different because I usually just give up one sweet food group and I am doing all sweets.  I am a major sweet tooth in general so this is a challenge.  I am ready for it and would appreciate all your cyber support.  No sweets, Absolutely nothing, sing it again now. I might be crazy, just so you know.

My life is busy and the library is so not.  Multiple rehearsals every week keeps me from spending too much time at home, as well as not making videos for auditions for summer intensives and work for my program at school.

So babes, this is me signing off. And remember, Absolutely nothing! Sing it again now.

Long time, no write.

Hey guys,

Sorry it’s been so long, but the beginning of the semester has been like no beginning of the semester before it.  It’s been a whirlwind of classes, rehearsals, emotions, and library time.

The main reason I am writing to you all today is because the infamous bug lady is back!  She has yet to do anything, by sit at a computer, but I will update you if that changes.

I have missed you all and wanted to write, but seeing as only personal issues have come up recently, I haven’t felt as inclined to share with the cybernet as those wonderful, horrible feelings.  However, it somewhat pertains to the library, so I will share tidbits.  My boyfriend and I of almost a year just broke up.  This is the first time I’ve really been single in college, ever.  I know it’s crazy.  You may be wondering how this connects to the job I have to do and it doesn’t very much, except he works with me.  It was super fun after we had broke up in the afternoon and then that evening I had agreed to work for someone and we worked together for two hours.  But, it’s a part of being an adult and I think I handled it as professionally as I could.  So that’s been a huge thing and adjusting to talking to other people again and learning about myself as a free adult.  So this blog is part library, part dance, part me discovering who I am, as cheesy as it sounds.  So, hopefully you all can put up with me, and if you don’t want to, it’s as simple as pushing a button ( I think).

Dance wise, I recovered a little from my injury, but every day gets me closer and closer to chronic pain.  So that’s a thing.  I also got taken out of a dance, thankfully one I had only had two rehearsals for, but I was just too busy to fit into their schedule.  I understand, but at the same time it’s a pride thing, like I qualified with my audition to be in the piece and then for things out of my control, (I can’t help when the other rehearsals are scheduled) I am no longer allowed to be in the piece. Oh well, live and let live.  Means I have one free night every week that isn’t for rehearsing. Yay!

Well, this has been my update, hopefully homework and life won’t keep me away so long next time. Peace and blessings, y’all, peace and blessings.


It's silly but I saw it on my way to work and thought it belonged here.

(To the tune of “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas”)

It’s beginning to look a lot like Finals

Everywhere you go

Take a look in the Library

Many looks of misery

Covered in cold, wet snow

It’s beginning to look a lot like Finals

Crying in very door(way)

But the studying and the book and the very weary looks

On every face and more

I just wanted to get everyone in the spirit and I’ve been wanting to rewrite that song for a while. Well, the song doesn’t lie, but it is the end of finals which means an end to this semester of stories.  I’m very sad to be leaving you guys, but since I won’t be working or dancing, I’m not sure how entertaining my life will be at home.  But, if I have a really good story I’ll come to you guys first.  It’s been a blast being with you guys and I will be back next year for sure!

On a serious note, I have a story.  So, during finals, we have to check the top floor of the library which is actually occupied by people that aren’t associated with the library, but the department we serve.  We don’t start until after 5, and thanks to daylight savings, it’s already dark by then.  The 5th floor is already pretty spooky, but add the nighttime and it’s the perfect set up for a horror story.  Unfortunately, I don’t have one of those for you, at least not with goblins and ghosts.  I went up the other day to check and as I rounded the last corner I saw someone staring off into the distance.  As soon as I started to say something he bent over at the waste and started moving his mouth.  Just as I said “Excuse me sir” I realized he was praying.  It was 5 o’clock and I happen to know a little overview of some Muslim religions.  I apologized and had to wait for the elevator and saw him coming down as soon as I was on the next floor.  I felt bad, but I didn’t know what else to do.  I just hope I didn’t cause him any discomfort in his ritual.

One two, one three, one four

Feel the love!

Hello Friends,

I am not referring to the hit 90’s television show, but you lovely people who are out there somewhere in cyber space listening to me babble on, kinda like what I’m doing now.

I mostly wanted to post because the date today is 12/13/14 and I think that is the last time it will line up like this for a while? Please comment and correct me if I’m wrong if something like this will happen again in the next one hundred years.  I think it’s really neat when dates line up like that and numbers fascinate me in a really weird way.  If I wouldn’t have been a dancer, I probably would have gone into something that dealt with a lot of numbers and probably would make me more money than being an artist.  However, this fulfills my soul much more.

So anyway, enjoy today because we are a part of history! Peace.

The Bug Lady

Hello friends,

I can’t believe I didn’t let you about the crazy bug lady that came in on the one day I worked over break.  It started before the library even opened, I had gotten there early and was waiting to go upstairs and am joined by two women, one much older with a paper bag inside of her larger bag that she seemed to be eating from.  I didn’t think much of it, even when she followed me upstairs when I moved the sign.  So the day starts and a little while into it, she comes over saying that the scanner is messing up.  I don’t know how to use the scanner but I have to see if there is something I can do.  Apparently it’s blown up what she’s trying to scan so that it takes up four pages instead of one.  She tries again and it works fine, but she has already drawn me into her story.  The library we are standing in right now, that she was taking her time in, has given her bugs that invaded her whole house.  Apparently her son goes here and so she is making copies of receipts to send to the dean to get reimbursed for all the money she had to spend to get the bugs out of her house.  She’s telling me all about how we should clean better, and asking if I’ve had this problem.  I assured her we do our best and even vacuum the books, but she was stuck.  I knew that his point I had to get away, so I did as quickly as possible.  She continued to stake out the library for another seven hours, which if it did give her bugs, why would she stay in that place for so long?

Then today, she’s back and I almost run into her with my cart of books, but I don’t say anything and hope she doesn’t recognize me.  Everything is fine until I go back to the desk and am stapling a paper due tomorrow when she comes up with more papers in her hand.  She asks me how much I pay for school while holding up what look like bills.  I stammer and say “I don’t know…” until she moves on, but it was incredibly shocking and I know I didn’t have to answer, but it still seemed very rude and invading.  She muttered something else about room and board and walked away while walking into someone coming into the library.

I will alert you if any more sighting happen.  This isn’t the first crazy we’ve had, even this year.  A couple of homeless who take the newspapers out the trash and sleep on computers all day.  I’m glad they found a warm place to be and as long as they aren’t hurting anyone or anything, it’s fine by me.

Eh Matey!

I guess I’m a pirate now.

I don’t know how else to distract from the fact I haven’t posted in a while.  I worked once over break for a whole day! And then I came back and it was my birthday(Happy Birthday to Me.) and then it was the last week of classes and now I am studying for my one final, and yes, everyone hates me for that.  However, I have not fulfilled my duty to you and since I see you as my children of sorts, I feel like I have failed you, BUT!! I will not again.

In the past week, there hasn’t been much to share with you on the library front, although I did leave work yesterday just as three police people were making there way upstairs.  Haven’t heard anything else about that, but I’m sure it wasn’t important, but I will let you know if it was.  Last Tuesday I was on the bus coming home from work and we were stopped for a good five minutes while ‘Michael Brown’ protesters walked through the street followed by what can only be undercover police cars.  I almost jumped off the bus just to watch them, but the unfortunate combination of timing and my little bit of nerve kept me on the bus, and for that, I apologize to you and to myself.  But anywho, no time for self pity because it’s finals week!

One story I do have is about a girl i encountered on Thursday evening.  I was minding my own business at the desk when she comes over to say the printer isn’t working.  Now, I don’t believe people are very dumb, but every once in a while people mess up something simple and then want to blame it on the technology.  So I follow her over and watch her go through the process and everything is right, success? Wrong.  “It’s the printer!” she exclaims, so I check the printer and its says its out of ink.  Anyway, I bring someone else over and IT is called, but she is so impatient about getting her picture off the internet printed that she storms away even after my friendly advice that the printers down stairs might be in color.  Fast forward to Friday night and I’m at a performance art event because I’m an artist and guess who walks on stage? The girl.  In a giant plastic bag.  Ripping it apart on stage.  What can I say? It’s art.  This is just one occurrence I’ve had in the past month of running into people I see or meet for a very brief time and then seeing them again.  This campus isn’t as big as I thought it was.